About us

About Us

FineNear.com is a site that collects all relevant information about companies and services in India. It is a guide that will be useful to both residents and visitors of the country.

The main goal of the project is to give users the most complete information about companies nearby. Whatever you are looking for, we will tell you about this place! We strive to ensure that each user of FineNear.com, based on reviews, can choose the most successful option for the organization to provide any of the required services. Please note that we not only try to keep the information and photos up to date, but we also regularly moderate reviews and post only honest ones.

Here you can find details about everything - from car services to grooming. We provide information about shopping and business centers, educational institutions and medical clinics, restaurants and beauty salons, pharmacies and clothing stores. On the page of the chosen company, you will find up-to-date info about its services, working hours, address and telephone number.

Share your opinion on FineNear.com! Leave an honest review about a restaurant you like or tell us about poor service quality at a nearby mall. Your feedback is really important. It makes our project better, and helps other people take a right decision.


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