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Address: Addis Ababa, Dej Wolde Mikael St, Edget Besira Elementary School
District: Addis Ababa
Metro: Gojam Berenda, Sebategna, Atikilt Tera, Abnet
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Kiya Coffee

Addis Ababa, Bole, Shoa Dabo, left of, Garad Building
Opening in 6 h 34 m
1 review

ትዝታ ሻይ ቤት ( Tezeta tea house)

Addis Ababa, Tesema Aba Kemaw St, 2PGW+56J

የአንዋር ቤት

Addis Ababa, 2PHR+8P7
Closing in 23 h 34 m

Tikus Bakery & Pastry

Addis Ababa, Tesema Aba Kemaw St, 2PHV+M76
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