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bersabeh girma
3 Sep’ 22
The place seems good ... However the service was horrible ! You have to wait more than 30 min' to get your meal and the waiters were so unfriendly ,don't even want to talk to new faces ! in my experience I just get tired waiting and walked out without enjoying my meal ! On my way…more
መዝገበ ሥጋ ቤት Mezgebe Butchery
Bahredin oumer
29 Aug’ 22
Comertial center new arif arif suqoch yigegnalu,barber shop,kids faction mens and womens wear clothing shoes,yeteleyayu agelglot yisetalu ene behedkubet gize ye mineral sun neberewu were betel lemihedu sewoch arif both lay yigegnal yeteleyayu bannock bewustu yigegnalu away bank,comertial…more
Dream Tower | Torhayloch | ድሪም ታወር | ጦርሃይሎች
Shaista Bibi
25 Aug’ 22
Our stay was good (me, my husband and 4 year old daughter). The room was really spacious with great view (we stayed on 11th floor) , the staff really welcoming and helpful with everything. The breakfast is good. Just if they start restaurant services (as they have a setting on top…more
DABI Hotel & Apartments | Lancha | ዳቢ ሆቴል እና አፓርትመንቶች | ላንቻ |
Selhadin Jemal
25 Aug’ 22
This place is so Amazing. I think everyone should visit them once in a while. We have a great time visiting them. more
National Blood Bank Service
Dagmawi Shimeles
22 Aug’ 22
I have been a patient in this clinic for a while now. I really admire the customer service and the quality care. Good job. more
Babi Speciality Dental Clinic Jemo Branch
Dawit Mulugeta
17 Aug’ 22
A strictly PIZZA ONLY place. Good small sized artisan pizza selection with creative funky names like Chechnya, Akukulu, Merkato, Diaspora and Tseday. They never use salt cooking the pizza here however, even if you beg. Takes something away from the experience when you have to add…more
Effoi Pizza |Atlas | እፎይ ፒዛ | አትላስ
samson tamiru
17 Aug’ 22
A service going poor day by day. Items on the menu aren't available with a lame reason. Waiters aren't with a happy face to serve you. It was such a nice place to have good meals plus to spend some time. more
Lime Tree Restaurant | Kazanchis | ላይም ትሪ ምግብ ቤት | ካዛንቺስ
oumer beshir
16 Aug’ 22
ridiculous waiting time at the ticket office(more than 2 hours to proceed to the payment), which really affects the rather great experience flying, very disappointed. more
Emirates Airline

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